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Monday, February 14, 2005

The Lie of Terrorism

3:22 PM

Bush as a SpiderGuess how many people in the world die as a result of terrorist attacks each year. Guess. A rough estimate is fine. Got a number in your head?

I'll tell you: 625 people died in 2003 due to terrorism.

725 people were killed in 2002 by terrorism.

This is what the hubbub is about. This is what we are hearing about from every media outlet including NPR, the New York Times, the BBC, and the internet alternative media: "The War on Terrorism." "The War on Terror."

Muslims are not attacking us. Islam is not a warlike religion. We do not need to hate Arabs.

We have spent $102 billion (as of September 30) on the invasion of Iraq. Bush is seeking $80 billion more. This is on top of the Pentagon's $420 billion budget.

Conversely, there were 16,204 homicides in the US in 2002.

And there are 50,000 deaths each day due to starvation, unclean water, and AIDS in the world.

We will spend $15 billion on development assistance abroad this year.

Are we fighting the wrong war?

I fear we have become brainwashed in 1984.


Anonymous said...

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4:21 PM  
Anonymous said...

The war in Iraq is for economic reasons. The majority of the American Public knows that and they accept it. Do you really believe people are that stupid? People are looking out for their best interests. They always have. My dear friend, your intentions are good, but you cannot change the nature of man. As a liberal, you must know and support, morals and religion have no place in politics, educations, and business. The next you vote for Pro-choice, No Prayer in School, you should understand why the american people know exactly what is going on in Iraq and they accept it.

4:25 PM  
Misha Cohen said...

I think if you asked the majority of Americans: "Is it OK to invade a country for economic gain?" they would say "No." I think most people are that self-deceiving. Most people assume they are morally right, and that their leaders are morally right in their name. Their country is noble and honest. If we are in Iraq it must be for noble reasons. Sure we benefit from it but we're there for noble reasons. We are able to ignore the truth. We go along with it.

Interesting idea though.

It is a pity that no one comes out and says this.

4:32 PM  

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