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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Hide Your Underwear...and Those Military Costs

10:06 AM

Education. Immigration overhaul. Violent crime. Crime against women. Erosion of civil rights. Deception at the highest level of government. Education. Taxation. Health care.

All of these things, you will surely agree, are of paramount importance. They represent issues that America needs to deal with soon. In Virginia, however, the State House seems to think that a far more important agenda item is making sure no one sees anyone else's underwear. Confused? Don't be. In this article from the BBC you can read about a new bill that has been passed to fine individuals caught exposing their undergarments. Anyone who knows about urban culture or pop-culture is well aware of the trend in hip-hop fashion that calls for showing your boxers, and, well, from there you can draw your own conclusions. Not to mention the new trend of increasingly low pants and exposed thong-straps. This bill, in addition to proving that the State House in Virginia is populated by individuals with a questionable set of priorities, clearly targets a specific ethnic community under the guise of promoting "values."

After the blatantly censored Superbowl this year it's becoming quite clear that full-blown censorship is in effect. From the Whitehouse to the streets, it is now unacceptable to express yourself as you see fit, as the Constitution allows you to. You just have to shut up and tow the line.

What makes this article and incident even more ridiculous is the way Republicans and—let's just take a swipe at them—Virginians don't seem to be worried about the way Donald Rumsfeld is stuffing costs for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the proposed overhaul of the army, in his pants. That is until a later date when he can flood supplemental requests to the budget. And it's all with the blessing of the Commander in Chief. It's not new, as this article from Slate states, but some of what he's doing ain't kosher.

So I ask you, America, would you rather see kids wearing low slung gear and the elastic of their underpants, or spend billions supporting two seemingly endless wars?


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