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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Axis of Evil

10:12 AM

PakistanBush may not mention it much, but his desire to tackle the Axis of Evil continues, albeit in a very strange and incomprehensible fashion. Military strategists and political think-tanks will no doubt hope to impress on me the naiveté of my attitude: "Sometimes we have to do things we don't like in order to achieve what is best for the greater good." While I agree with that statement I don't believe that Bush and his cabinet have understood the nature of their dilemma.

In this Asia Times article it becomes increasingly clear that Bush and company are using the dictatorial Musharaff in Pakistan to further their invasion of Iran (which is beginning to look like an inevitability). The fact the Musharaff has a miserable human rights record, and that he is essentially a talking head for the Pakistani army (which refuses to give up access to it's nuclear weapons), seems to be lost on the American government. Mushraff's sycophantic attitude is perceived as a submissive pandering to the West when in fact it is a smoke screen which will, if the gambit works out, ensure that no major action is taken against Pakistan, Musharaff, or nuclear scientist A.Q. Khan. These three entities, however, represent the real Axis of Evil. If it were not for the Pakistani head of state, the Taliban would never have had the success they did, North Korea, Libya, and Iran would never have been threats on any level, and Islamic fundamentalism wouldn't have spread as quickly as it did. Pakistan, for example, leads the Muslim world in number of madrassas, the schools where a rabid, literal approach to Islam is implanted in children, along with anti-West propaganda. Yet, the Bush administration insists on acting like Pakistan is "useful." In fact, this resembles a scenario you see played out so often in the US Justice system. If you're a big-time drug dealer and get caught, you're more likely to get a suspended sentence if you can give up your friends—you'll probably get witness protection if you testify too, despite your criminal record. So it is with Pakistan and other failed nation-states that kiss the ring of this President. As long as you lick his boots, you're okay, even if you're a mean sonova....

So, one more time: While decent Americans die in Iraq, the US is trying to get into Iran (otherwise Israel might do it themselves), and, in the process, is moving away from the original point of all of this: to catch Osama Bin Laden. Instead of asking the Israeli government to stand down, the US government seems to be more concerned with getting together another battle plan with the aid of the criminal elements that created the mess in the first place.

Sound confusing and speculative? Well, that's just the problem now isn't it? To date, nothing concrete has been offered in terms of a justification for any military aggression within the last 1-2 years. As usual, Bush and company are winging it, and the ultimate cost belongs to the American people.


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