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Thursday, January 20, 2005

They Have Come for Spongebob

9:31 AM

Spongebob Fun, Originally Found on like James Dobson and his gang of righteous disciples have identified the most important threat against America, and quite possibly the free world!! Thank the Lord for their vigilance. It seems, according to this BBC article, that Spongebob and his gang of underwater freaks are the solution in which American values and morality will dissolve—not to mention that Spongebob is gay?!

I'm glad to see GWB has chosen his friends well. Does this sound like some call to arms in the new culture war by the new Christian cult (in no way related to the beauty and tolerance of the real Christianity)? I wonder if Dub-dub's ticked off that he can't spend Sunday mornings watching Spongy any more....


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