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Monday, November 29, 2004

Questions on Iraq

4:42 PM

Why don't we know the most basic things about the war in Iraq:

  1. How many Iraqi soldiers did we kill?
  2. How many Iraqi "insurgents" have we killed?
  3. How many Iraqi civilians have we killed?
  4. How many bulidings have we destroyed?
  5. How many Iraqi soldiers were there?
  6. How many insurgents are there? (al Qaeda, freedom fighters, ex-Baathists.)
  7. How many people have electricity, water, plumbing, food?
  8. How many people want us out? Why?
  9. How many people want us there?

How can you fight a war if you don't know what's happening? Are we supposed to simply believe the army is doing the right thing and making the right decisions? If I am going to support this war (by paying taxes and not protesting) then I should know these basic things about what is happening in the war.

We demand body counts!


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