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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Foul Stench of Liberation

10:27 AM

Liberation from HusseinConfession time. I was glad they knocked over Saddam. He had it coming. I hoped however that the "compassionate conservatism" of GWB and company would imply a diligence unseen in the upper echelons of government. A sensitivity to human issues that would transcend the need for impetuous action devoid of the recognition of the law of consequences. I was wrong. As always the government suits wore indifference to contrast their politically expedient principle of "We Care." Nothing indicated this more than the Iraq war which demonstrated, clearly, that Mr. Bush and his minions were far more concerned with making a lot of commotion rather than achieving a solution. The implementation of the Iraq-invasion may have been water tight as a military venture but from beginning to end it has been nothing more than a sad failure of one the most powerful countries in the world. At this rate America owes Iraq freedom, peace and non-interference for all the innocent lives lost and the refusal to consider alternatives while trying to get settled in Iraq. It's clear now that the United States is just trying to get a lid on—no matter what the cost. Even if it means decimating the Iraqi population, starving women and children, destroying all places of worship, and denying civilians access to medical care. In this harrowing article by an Asia Times Online reporter you can read about what is really happening in Fallujah for real. Naturally the American media is loathe to report such news in fear of ticking off a President with a supposed mandate.

So the war machine continues and we get ever more distant from the reason this whole thing began, and America's sense of security remains fragile--what substance it has is derived from knowing that the fundamentalists are far more concerned with the Iraq issue than with America which essentially means America prefers allowing the death of civilians so that it can sleep at night. It's a strange twist on a Bush favorite: Better theirs than ours; just be happy you're with us, not against us.


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