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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The Battle for Islam

9:41 AM

Apart from the many logistical failures of the War on Terror one major issue has been a hands-off approach to the process of encouraging or stimulating the need for reform in Islam. In short, the West and it's allies have dropped the ball on that one. I'm not suggesting that the onus be on the West but a little help wouldn't hurt. Islam is clearly in crisis with marked divisions starting to solidify between secular muslims and fundamentalist muslims. Unfortunately both the media and the government don't seem to be interested in publicizing the existence of secular muslims. There is also no consistency in Western ideas of fundamentalism, in my opinion. It seems that Christian conservatism and fundamentalism are acceptable but Islamic or Jewish, or whatever are not. It's a critical point emphasizing an important part of the discussion that needs so much more effort and cooperation. Here is an excellent article—if a little unnerving—by David Spengler. I urge you to read some of the other articles he references in this one. All very illuminating and pertinent.


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