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Friday, November 19, 2004

Links and Petitions

7:37 PM

Peace Will Not be Silenced by Fear by Dallof


Why is it OK to be at war but not watch a war on TV?

"Bush's Echo Chamber," Bush fills cabinet positions with loyalists rather than competent advisors.

Pictures from the battle in Fallujah. We need to look at this to know what we are doing.

Iranian author can't get published in America due to laws on the importing of information from foreign countries.

An amazing site I'm learning a lot from— Has tons of information on all the issues.

Noam Chomsky's offical site. I am about to watch all the audio and video links. Noam is amazing and I think correct (at least I have seen no rebuttals to his opinions). He is coherent and has a good grasp of all the history.

Program on International Policy Attitudes study (October 21, 2004) about what Republicans and Democrats believe about Iraq. 47% of Bush supporters still belive Iraq had WMD. 75% belive that Iraq was actively supporting al Qaeada.


Act now to stop the genocide in Sudan.

John Kerry's bill to insure every child in America.

Vote to impeach Bush! If Bill Clinton can be impeached for allegedly lying about sex with an intern, then George Bush should be impeached for invading a country due to bad intelligence.

(note: These petitions will add your email to their, and only their, mailing lists.)


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