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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Misinformed, Uninformed, and Ignorant

10:08 AM

Bush Giving the FingerKerry is running against misinformation, the uninformed, and the ignorant. I spend a lot of time in yahoo chatrooms and the only anti-Kerry stuff people can come up with are simple lies. It's scary how people will hold on to their beliefs even when they are proven wrong. People are loyal to Bush. And I think the reason is, he is a very nice guy. He is endearing (video of Bush giving the finger to the camera). But he is not wise, and he is not a leader.

I just started watching "Stolen Honor," the movie that Sinclair broadcasting wanted to air on its 40 stations this weekend. I had no idea what it would be like. I'm on minute three and it's already dramatic, hype, fearmongering, lies. I highly recommend you watch it to know what the Republicans will stoop to to smear a highly decorated Vietnam veteran.

Of course then you also have to see "Going Upriver" the far more fair documentary about Kerry. It's free also. (I have it on CD if you want to get it from me).

And last but not least, "Fahrenheight 9/11" is available for free until November 2. Also I heard video stores were renting it free. To be fair here is the list of 59 deceits in the film. Most of them are petty. Some of them are legitimate. I am working on a rebuttal to the list, but it's not done yet.

I also just came across this great video of Democratic Congressman Tim Ryan, from Ohio, responding to the Republican claim that Democrats were fearmongering when they said that a draft was likely. He lists all the lies in the past three years.

And of course I need to post this. Eric Idle from Monty Python saying "Fuck you very much George Bush" (click on the "Download").

I just found this also: Lyndon Baines Johnson ordering pants. Listen to the whole thing.

Happy Halloween! I was a monk, what were you?

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