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Monday, October 18, 2004

What's So Great About Democracy?

11:20 AM

Sign Up For DemocracyIf democracy is so great that we want to spread it to other countries even if they don't want to be democratic, why are our companies, for the most part, not run as democracies? Our companies usually function with either a boss who runs the entire show without any involvement from the employees, or a board of directors which runs the show without any involvement from any of the employees. Sure, a good company will allow the employees to give feedback, and a boss will appoint various people to tell him/her the wishes of the employees, but the boss still makes the decisions, and, in many cases, the boss is beholden to no one. Even publicly traded companies are not democracies, although the owners vote on their leadership—there a person can buy more than one share of ownership, and thus more votes.

So, what is so great about democracy, that we would force it on other countries, in a way in which even they do not try to force their beliefs on us?

Not to mention, why on Earth should Iraq, for example, be democratic, if we would like them to 1. privatize their government industry; 2. have free trade, meaning very little government regulation of business? What is the point of government if it doesn't control much?

What is so great about democracy when only half of our voting population votes?

What is so great about democracy when half of our population is dissatisfied with the chosen leadership?

I heard someone say recently that African tribes think democracy is odd and their council of elders makes decisions by unanimous vote only. Could we incorporate this system into our current system? Perhaps each neighborhood could unanimously elect a representative. All the represntatives in an area would then unanimously elect a represntative of that area, and so forth—essentially take the tribal method and apply it to a large population.

Perhaps we should simply run our country as a business. It sounds horrible, but perhaps a CEO of The United States of America would help America prosper. Our most successful people are, in fact, owners of companies. However, does this pave the way for the loss of Arts and Music and Non-popular Entertainment, and Science for its own interest? These things are all government-subsidised. Education and Science, in fact are already becoming businesses, and it's not helping those who don't care about profit.

Maybe America simply needs to reexamine what its priority is. Do we simply want to make a profit, or are we here to be happy, wise, and healthy? If the latter, perhaps democracy is the best system.

For that matter, how, exactly are university headmasters and staff chosen? (Or how were they before University was a business?)


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