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Monday, October 25, 2004

Logical Inference

4:03 PM

380 Tons

This Ship is 380 Tons

380 Tons. Not crumbs, not motes, not bits.

That's the conservative estimate on missing explosive material from Iraq—material the army was explicitly asked to safeguard (but which they obviously couldn't given the low troop levels). This one really gets my goat. There is no room, regardless of party logo, for this kind of screw up. It's bad enough the Iranians, the Russians, the North Koreans, and the Chinese are all trading weapons and technological information like water through a sieve; this kind of oversight is tantamount to making the entire war effort redundant. In fact this is, in my opinion, the equivalent to having given WMD to the terrorists. Thankfully Kerry has responded quickly [not sure how long the story will remain there—it's an AP story].

Here's the report on the missing explosives from the NY Times and the BBC.

And Kurt's back!! A sooper 'conversation' between Vonnegut and science-fiction writer Kilgore Trout (for non-Vonnegut fans...time to start reading).

And here's an excellent write-up from regarding the absence of the Israeli/Palestine issue in the debates, the campaign, and, in general, the human conscience. What claim to humanity can progressives or conservatives have if they refuse to engage the central issue to terrorism and global security not to mention human rights (both israeli and palestinian)?

Click the links in the article, they lead to some excellent articles.

And that's it from me. Tell a friend about Expand...

Cheers—here's hoping this is the last week of Bush.


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