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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Kerry by a Landslide

1:26 PM

A LandslideYeah, man. Totally.

The notion that JFK II could be crowned the next King of America is stupefyingly ecstatic for me. I could stop having to spit on the record of GWB and gang and focus on deflating the Ol' Bloodhound. What, you thought I was going to stop?

Today's 'edition' of Slate is a humdinger—a humdinger I tell you. Full of warm fuzzy sentiments for the left-leaning. They took an internal poll of all the staff and contributing writers to see who would 'win' the election among the team. No surprises? Kerry by a landslide. The motivations and explanations are a great peek into the mind of the electorate (or a portion of it at least).

Another good read, regarding the unlikely event of yet another Supreme Court decision for the elections. I'm glad this one's out there because too many people have been having hissy fits thinking Scalia and company will toss this one Bush's way. Though understandable the fears are unwarranted, and this article hits on a few of the main points.

And this one is a REAL BIG FISH. Documents obtained by the BBC indicate that there is a plan within the Bush campaign to employ dubious practices to intimidate African-American voters in Florida.

Please forward that last article to as many people as you can with this simple suggestion: If someone tries to intimidate you or give you the impression that you're being 'watched', give them:

  1. The finger
  2. A gentle reminder that this is the USA not Iraq
  3. A big smile and take their picture with a disposable camera.... Tell them you're sending a copy to your alderman/ward boss as well as other law enforcement and election officials.

And here's an article on the soldiers who refused to drive their un-armoured convoy in Iraq (who have mysteriously been wiped from national headlines).

The Nation's [magazine] endorsement of John F. Kerry. Excellent.

And finally a shout out to one of the best DJs in the world, and an icon for me. The man who launched David Bowie, the Sex Pistols, among countless others, died day before yesterday of a heart attack. Cheers John Peel, rock on. [read his obit here.]

I'll be off the until Wednesday, November 3rd. Vote. Drag lazy bastards who won't with you to the polls. Remember half the world dreams of what you can already do. No matter how grim or pointless it may seem, voting is the only way you can call yourself a citizen and an individual in society [Tony! — Misha].



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