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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The Fat of the Land

2:07 PM

I went to McDonald's and all I got was this lousy shirt. I'm lovin' it!It is now under two weeks to the elections. If you haven't already, make sure you know where you're registered and flex that voting finger.

I've been enjoying, in my own wicked way, the debacle surrounding the absolutely charming Bill O'Reilly. Not since Jim and Tammy Faye have I drooled so openly at the thought of another ultra-right wing talking head getting knocked off his block. It's petty and pointless, but I jus' can't help myself. Like I always say, karma is an active principle, you ignore that—you get served.

Here's a snide Slate article documenting Bill's fascination with porn, humiliating women in the porn industry (um...isn't that an oxymoron?) and generally being his own bad self.

[Here's another look at O'Reily (Quicktime: Low, High; Windows Media: Low, High). Also, vs. Paul Krugan on the Tim Russert Show (Quicktime: 56k, 200k). These are from and, the guy who co-produced "Outfoxed," who has allowed anyone to download his interviews for free, in documentary-quality format. — Misha]

And then since we're on the topic of losers here's how Donald "Known Unknowns" Rumsfeld has failed in his objective to "transform" the army and why that's a good thing.

Say it ain't so!! The intelligence leading up to the war and onwards was WRONG!!  And this is still front page news? Are we in the twilight zone? [yes — Misha]

So yeah. Enjoy Wednesday.


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