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Friday, October 15, 2004

Darth Nader?

1:49 PM

Ralph NaderHe's baaaack. Siphoning votes from the almost completely disillusioned. I'd love to say Nader inspires me, but after reading his website, he sounds a little off the mark. Agreed he voices concerns not addressed by the mainstream parties, and he's a proven warrior against corporate tactics and big business, but while some contend an increase in the number of political parties is a demonstration—nay proof—of a thriving democracy, I contend that the number of parties is irrelevant; it's the number of people involved in the debate. So you could have one party and everyone arguing the issues and it would be just as democratic as five hundred parties farting around (trust me, I come from India, we have too many parties). In any case, I guess what really irks me is Nader is just being a spoiled sport (at the risk of offending folks I know are thinking about voting for him). He has addressed the issue of substantial monetary resources coming from known Republican affiliates—a charge I think seriously affects his credibility, and his positions are a little too reactionary to be implementable—something he chides the rest of the gang for.

I dunno. I'm expecting retorts, rebukes et al. Go nuts. That's what a democracy is for.

Here's an article about Darth Nader as I have dubbed him for the fear he instills in the Democratic party.

More proof Prince Bush has "ufcked" it up in Iraq. Hope he created a new terrorist superstar, Zarqawi. [P.S. Zarqawi is much closer to America than bin Laden these days, terror alert rises to Hot Tamales!]

And this one takes the cake...a freed inmate from Guantanamo is responsible for the kidnapping of two Chinese citizens in Pakistan. Unbelievable. So they kept the guy in Gitmo for 2+ years and got nothing out of him, and freed him!  Either the intelligence in Gitmo is pretty awful, or they succeeded in turning this kid into a hardened criminal. Either way, this is pretty pathetic for the US.

And this is a Friday Fun Piece: Researchers in Australia have found instances of people acting out their dreams while sleep walking. Some of the acts include having sex with strangers, beating a girlfriend over the head with a video camera and murder. Um....and how am I supposed to sleep now?

And anuver funny one from the BBC, Guv'nah; this one's about a ninja turtle.



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