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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Nepotism and Cronyism Part II

10:06 AM

Harriet Miers from whitehouse.govHere we go again. Bush has decided to fall back on his tried and tested method of using fealty as the only measure of worth, in selecting a justice for the vacancy on the Supreme Court. Americans should be outraged. It's insulting to their intelligence when President Bobblehead gets up on the podium to tell the nation he respects an independent judiciary while trying to stuff a poor choice into the Supreme Court. Now, I'm no stranger to history and I know past Presidents have put friends into the Court, but Harriet Miers comes across as nothing more than mediocre when contrasted with some of the past cronies. You can compare their qualifications in this Chicago Tribune article.

It's clear Bush is looking for an easy confirmation process, what with his Hammer getting nailed and no longer being available to bully Congress. That's sad. Bush's proclivity for surrounding himself with loyal friends has never been very good for the country: Tom Ridge, Chertoff, Michael Brown, and Paul Bremer were all buddies who screwed things up royally and lacked the distinguished credentials and experience required to do the job properly.

When will America wake up to see that this President has been consistent in only one regard throughout his Presidency, in taking care of his own while he lets your country, children, and reputation go down the drain.


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