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Friday, September 30, 2005

"You Could...Abort Every Black Baby in This Country and Your Crime Rate Would Go Down"

5:42 PM

Bill Bennett, the Education Secretary for Reagan, recently said, "...You could—if that were your sole purpose—abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down." He was speaking in his own voice and saying his own opinion.

Blaming blacks for having a higher crime rate than whites is a ridiculous thing. It is like Hitler blaming the Jews for being poor while they were in the ghettoes during late 1930s. It is ignoring the obvious, glaring, and purposeful impoverishment of blacks by whites for 250 years, only 150 years ago. It is ignoring the purposeful mistreatment of blacks for the next 100 years. And it is ignoring the subconscious mistreatment of blacks that continues up to this day. We are getting past racism as a country, but we aren't there yet.

Bill Bennett's statement is not an outright blaming of blacks for higher crime, but it does attribute crime to blacks with no mention of the part whites play in creating the recipe for this situation. Leaving aside that the idea of aborting all babies of any one group (otherwise known as genocide) is a silly thing to mention, even if it were true, the absent-mindedness of Bennett and others in our country is cryable.


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