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Monday, September 19, 2005

Poverty and Tax Cuts

1:16 PM

Remember when Bush was force-feeding the American public lame justifications for pushing through his tax cuts: It would give the lower and middle income groups much needed money which they would inject into the economy, and it was the right thing to do? Quite meekly, the Democrats mumbled about how this was a tax cut for the rich, how it would only benefit a small population who didn't need it anyway. Now one of them has spoken up and highlighted some important problems with the tax cuts; namely the fact that they make Americans reliant on foreign aid in order to finance their wars. The talking head is Clinton and he went to town this week on CNN.

Here's a great piece on poverty, from the Chicago Tribune.

Remember Iraq? Well while our attention was and continues to be directed towards the aftermath of Katarina civil war seems to be drawing closer every day.


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