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Friday, September 23, 2005

Nepotism and Cronyism

10:25 AM

It's nice to know that a large number of people in the Bush administration got their jobs by kissing ass, being related to the Vice President, or sleeping with other, powerful neo-cons. Check this Village Voice article on how Paul Wolfowitz (the architect of the impressive fuck up in Iraq) got his Saudi girlfriend a job in the World Bank which she parlayed into a job with Dick Cheney's daughter in the State Department.

Obviously this gang isn't pulling its weight because Bush's usual bedfellows, the Saudis, are publicly voicing concern over the disintegrating situation in Iraq. This New York Times article details the Sauidi foreign minister's recent criticism of the situation. Apparently the Iraq war could result in war throughout the region, thereby destabilizing the Middle East—quite the opposite of what Wolfowitz planned on. Good thing he's working on poverty eh?

Since we're on the topic of scams, (neo) con men, and cronyism here's a link to the truth behind the oil-for-food scandal. While the Bush administration wanted you to believe that the scandal was the result of corruption within the UN, this Harper's article illuminates the real motivation for the way the issue was handled.


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