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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Global Warming, Classes in America, and Political Hotlinks

12:36 PM

Hyper Rich Upper Class

Global Warming Scandal

A non-scientist decided to add his own viewpoints to the global warming research commissioned by the Bush White House, to make it appear that global warming was less of an issue. This official also has ties to the oil industry (he worked as a lobbyist for the oil industry).

China Paying Our Bills

Third world countries are loaning us money to pay for our tax cuts and wars. What will this do for our status as a leader in promoting our way of life (equality, freedom of speech, justice, as well as materialism) as the best way to live?

Classes in America

The super-rich are getting richer and it might be creating a new aristocracy. The Bush tax cuts helped.

I'm not exactly sure why the author mentions the alternative minimum tax as a problem ("it has never been adjusted for inflation"), as the alternative minimum tax is a percentage tax, not a dollar amount tax as far as I can see, and 24% is a pretty good bottom line for taxes regardless of write-offs (with a $33k for individual or $45k for joint exemption).

And of course there is less upward mobility than most people think.

And what upward mobility there is is based on the luck of the draw (or in some peoples' minds, on hard work).

Keeping an Open Mind

Have we lost the power of debate in our country? Can you preach to anyone but the choir now? Can people be persuaded?

America the Ugly

How do we repair our image? How bout starting with repairing our actions.


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