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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Are These Men on Drugs?

4:02 PM


Are George W. Bush and Dick Cheney doped up on mind-melting narcotics donated by their friends in the corporate sector, or have their synapses clogged with the grease-coagulation greed creates? I wonder, given what the two of them say publicly.

Consider the dastardly duo's impression of righteous indignation on the topic of Amnesty International's recently released report on human rights abuses. This Amnesty International report condemns US treatment of prisoners in Cuba, Afghanistan, and Iraq. In this article both men characterize the notion that the United States could be guilty of human rights violations as "absurd." Our erstwhile leader even goes so far as to say that the "...United States is a country that promotes freedom..." as though the existence of such an intention, alone, is a charm against the force of human nature. Where did this peep-hole perspective come from? Do George W. Bush and Dick Cheney actualy believe that the United States has a perfect human rights record, especially after Abu Ghraib, the Bagram base murders, and countless other occurrences of inhuman treatment within US prisons themselves? I'm the first to say that Amnesty can get a little too high-handed, but gathering information from prisoners does not warrant the mistreatment of human beings who are defenseless at the time of interrogation.

Once again it is clear that Bush and his cronies prefer to repeat mantras rather than accept responsibility for their mistakes. Bush is clearly a man separated by the apparatus of government from the opinions and concerns of his citizenry. Many, if not most Americans, are hungry for a leader whose personal convictions are dynamic and wise, rather than obstinate and impervious to common sense and factual truth. This President has lied once again, and, unfortunately, America is far more concerned with its pride than its principles.


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