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Friday, April 29, 2005


10:31 AM

Rich Uncle from Monopoly Walking Over IraqTake a look at George W. Bush's past, specifically in regards to his financial dealings. Much like those of his his siblings, George Bush's business past is a melange of shady deals and back-room dealings. From the illustrious Arbusto years to the Texas Rangers, Junior has had a remarkable gift for blowing his capital every single time. As one Chicago Tribune reporter puts it, "He can't be accused of inconsistency." So it comes as no surprise then, that this "brilliant" financial leader has succeeded in wasting his much touted "political capital."

What did you expect? While Rove and Bush spent all their time sewing their lips onto the butts of a certain select minority in this country (who just happened to show up in number at the last election) the rest of the country finally rolled out of bed and got with the program, managing to ignore conservative media attempts at manipulating public opinion on important issues like Social Security and health care. As evidenced by this article Bush has managed to transform himself into the lamest President-with-a-second-term ever. Apparently he's lower in approval ratings than Nixon. Now there's talent for you.

Of course this is not an invitation for critics to rest easy. If anything it's time for a vocal and focused opposition to rise and bring back the principles of democracy that have been hidden under the bed for the last four years. You can bet the conservative movement is already forming a comeback plan.

Ann Coulter

What a piece of work. Why bring her up? Because it's time. Anyone, liberal or conservative, who recommends that nuclear weapons be dropped on a country, in our current situation, is despicable and without conscience or intellect. Coulter believes that the US should nuke North Korea, which shows you how much she's learned about the sanctity of life and morality (issues on which she consistently takes the moral high ground). North Korea is a nation hijacked by an idiot. To kill millions of innocent people because of one moron is something a get-rich-quick conservative thinks of because they're too lazy to think of a better way—just like Junior and Iraq. Coulter is scum and should be exported to a totalitarian state to clean toilets with her tongue. Anybody can memorize flash-cards on policy. At best she's unoriginal. Go tell a friend.

Ahhhh. I feel better. Don't you?


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