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Friday, June 03, 2005

Pathetic George

10:02 AM

Tony Blair has been moving along with a plan to help reduce Africa's debt burden along with increasing aid in an effort to help the UN meet it's goal of halving global poverty by 2015. George Bush, Italy, Japan, and Germany have all opposed the plan. The reason? They don't want to sell IMF gold (which they probably got from Africa) or let African countries borrow against future aid pledges. Apparently, it's not in keeping with the budgetary processes of these countries. You can read about this atrocious and ignorant response in this BBC article.

Apparently George Bush cares about processes now, after he's thumbed his nose at protocol while building the case for the Iraq war. It's quite pathetic, actually, that a man who goes on about doing what's Right and spreading freedom won't help those who need it the most. Poverty is imprisonment of the worst kind, but what would a fat-cat from Texas know about that?


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