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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Hidden Truths

2:32 PM

I've been hiding in one of my favorite sites on the vast Internet vista. It's a tactic I employ when I get a little tired of the media landscape in my immediate line of sight. Call it a vacation of sorts. In any case, I've been barefoot, basking in the glow of some unfiltered analysis and reportage from Asia Times online and here are a bunch of articles from the past week concerning a number of highly under-reported stories. After you read a couple, you get the gist of it: the existing media outlets in the US are not liberal or conservative; they're simply too unoriginal to think for themselves, and far too spineless to disclose as half-truth that which they purport to be the God's honest truth. Another sign of how allowing a bully any quarter is always an invitation for disaster. Enjoy!

The War on Terror

Here's an excellent article on how the media is allowing the administration to do what it did with the Iraq WMD issue, with Iran.

Remember the Taliban? They've been on the run, or so we're led to believe. This article discusses how "defeating" terrorism seems to be primarily about the manipulation of data.

In fact, as this piece indicates, terrorist organizations, like the dreaded Taliban, actually benefit from US largesse.

Which is why we should hold on the celebration of the recent arrest in Pakistan, of Al-Quaeda's number 3 in command.

Nuclear Proliferation and the Cold War

With North Korea and Iran on the cusp of going nuclear (supposedly), you can bet on much sabre rattling and general idiocy from world leaders, from Pyong Yang to D.C. But none of them will say what this article articulates quite well: The increase in nuclear powers has occurred, in most cases, because of the hypocrisy of the existing nuclear nations (US, UK, China, Pakistan, India, and Israel [not to mention France —Misha]) who have inadvertently helped arm the globe.

Though we live in a new century, there are echoes of the past still with us. None of these is greater than the Cold War, which we all thought we could bury in a time capsule and forget about. This article, however, insists that the Cold War and its conclusion cannot be consigned to the history books yet.

Stations of the Cross

Naysayers have refused to indulge liberal and independent observer's arguments regarding the rise of the religious right in the US. Despite a noticeable religious tone in the last presidential election, and despite the collusion of visible politicians like Frist and DeLay with evangelicals, some commentators insist this is another case of crying wolf. Here is an excellent story which documents the amazing rise in power and influence of religious broadcasters and the scary effect they have on American opinion. I think that should settle the debate.

South America

This story will definitely not get any airplay of any consequence this week. There was a brief blurb on Voice of America and the article can be found on Google News (but then what can't be found on Google News), but most major media publications seem to bury it. I guess I can understand why. It concerns an ongoing meeting between the Arab League and the major South American countries of Brazil (host), Argentina, and Venezuela, among others. One of the attendees is Jalal Talabani, the newly appointed Iraqi PM. The interesting aspect of these meetings becomes quite clear when you read the agenda and statements being endorsed by this new, non-aligned, geo-political axis, which, as the article notes is "swimming in oil." Washington should be concerned: In addition to voicing a severe criticism of the Israelis, the conferences highlight growing trade between South America and Arab League nations. This trade, in many regards, looks set to have a greater effect, in the long term than some of the half-assed, morally based, and ethically dubious efforts of the present administration. Read it.


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