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Monday, December 27, 2004

Tens of Thousands Dead in Asia and Africa due to Earthquake and Tidal Waves

9:05 PM

The USA has earmarked $4 million to send in relief aid to Southeast Asia to help the people after a 9.0 point earthquake occurred and caused numerous huge waves that wiped out entire villages along coastlines. Colin Powell anticipates giving another $10 million in aid, according to NPR. Um, what? $14 million? How bout at least a dollar each? That would be nearly $300 million. View list of organizations to which to donate.

Updated 12/28: More Aid Pledged

Jan Egeland, the UN's chief of Humanitarian Aid made comments similar to mine: "We were more generous when we were less rich, many of the rich countries, and it is beyond me, why are we so stingy, really.... Even Christmas time should remind many Western countries at least how rich we have become." And indeed many nations are pledging only in the single digit millions.

Colin Powell responded on Good Morning America this morning: "We will do more. I wish that comment hadn't been made. We'll make an assessment as the days go by, to see what more is needed of us. It will take us awhile to make a careful assessment of what is see what the specific needs are and then we will respond to those needs."

In an interview on the Today show Powell said, "Clearly, the United States will be a major contributor to this international effort. And, yes, it will run into the billions of dollars." Whether that means the entire damage assessment or the US's contributions he didn't make clear.

These quotes are gleaned from this AP report (link expired).

We have proposed another $20 million in aid. However this additional aid is a "line of credit" and not a gift. It must also be said that the US is sending various transport to help in the relief efforts (see bottom of this article for details (link expired)).

More news from

Update 12/31: $350 million in Aid from the USA

Finally the US is donating some real money. It's still a drop in the bucket but far more in line with reality.


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