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Thursday, January 13, 2005

The Tipping Point

2:39 PM

Yesterday, George W. Bush called off the search for W.M.D. Apparently, since we all knew there were none (except for that 51% of the country that still thinks Dubya was appointed by God) it doesn't deserve a headline. The fact that mammals might actually have been larger than archaeologists originally thought is more newsworthy than the fact that no public apology has been made, to date, to the families and friends of soldiers who have died in the Iraq fiasco. In typical fashion, Scott McLellan stepped out to the Whitehouse podium to insist that George was still convinced he did the right thing. We know that. He thinks everything he does is the right thing—that's the problem, Scottie.

What's fascinating, in a wry, pathetic way, is that America is also more interested in Prince Harry's swastika armband-antics than this major news story. No offense to Holocaust survivors or anyone else, but Harry's always been a twit, more infatuated with being a bad-boy than comprehending his responsibility as a public figure. I'm sure it's hard, but you play with the cards you're dealt.

So Blair and Bush toot their own horns, but I'm forced to ask, "Where does Blair get off being so damn righteous?" Where was he for the ten years after Gulf War I while Saddam was killing for pleasure? Apparently his morality was not important then.

Though it shouldn't surprise me, it still does that people feel "safer" with Bush, and that they think he's an inherently decent man. When our standards fall so low that we're willing to accept a blatant lie that led to death and suffering for millions, we need to stop and ask ourselves if we have any political, emotional, or moral capital left anymore.

In my opinion we don't. Along with the budget surplus, jobs, and lives, America has also lost its credibility, meaning, and integrity under the Bush administration.


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