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Friday, December 03, 2004

Hands off, America!

10:06 AM

Welcome to the New American Century, which, if you look close enough, is actually a partially redesigned 17th century America bedecked in puritanical biases and religiously inhibited behavior. The Administration is paying back its pro-life base in what is guaranteed to be the beginning of a very long four years. For example, federal spending for abstinence programs has doubled during Dumbya's first term and there is no sign that it is stopping. What's worse is that the programs are blatantly twisting scientific evidence to further the agenda of promoting a hands-off approach to sex and sexuality. Read this startling article from the Guardian (UK) for more.

Not that playing by the rules—or telling the truth even—is a defining characteristic of this administration. In this article from Human Rights Watch you can read, again, about the new Attorney General's desire to pander rather than practice the rule of law. It is becoming quite clear that in the cabinet shuffle, Bush is trying to bring various departments, from State to Justice, under his control.

As if that wasn't bad enough, the media is still cowering in the corner reeling from various FCC fines and a host of lame brain excuses. This AlterNet article spotlights a great commercial from the United Church of Christ that major networks won't play. Check out why though.

And finally, if you're thinking attending protests and blogging are safe modes of expressing yourself, think again: there is a growing concern that the FBI is keeping tabs on detractors and anti-War activists. Read the article here.

As much as it may sound like a paranoid delusion, all this seems to indicate a perfect storm. Can you say McCarthy-ism kids?


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