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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Shock and Awe (ooh clever)

1:00 PM

ToiletWhy don't we count all the votes? Why don't we let a tie happen with 269 269 and then see how the house votes? Why even have that provision if the votes are assumed? How disheartening for the voters in Ohio who stood for 10 hours waiting to vote, even at 4:00AM last night, in Gambier Ohio and in another county. What about the voters in New Mexico?

OHIO PROVISIONAL BALLOTS: 147,570 (87 of 88 precincts)
OHIO MARGIN: 136,221 (100%)

It's not likely Kerry would win, but it's not impossible.

Not to mention that only 120,000,000 voters turned out, just under 60% of registered voters. Sure that's up around 6% since 2000, but still. How can we call ourselves democratic if we don't vote? How can we tout democracy in Iraq if we don't vote?

The only positive thing I can think of is that America is too powerful for its own good and it's time to get taken down a notch. Bush will enrage the world and unite them agaisnt us in a way which would not have happend with a more subtle Kerry.

However, my recent thought is that America's superpower status preserves the peace of the world—if we were all small nations we would be vying for power. However, power corrupts and America is pure at its heart, but still corrupt. Perhaps Western economics, the emphasis on materialism, is ending.


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