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Wednesday, November 03, 2004


4:27 AM

51% of Americans think that Bush is doing a good job in America and the world.


Anonymous said...

I still don't believe it! For one, I would like to see some serious research into reports of long lines and waits of up to 10 hours! Were those long lines evenly distributed throughout various districts and states? I saw an interview this AM with a student at Kenyon College in Ohio who waited 10 hrs in line and commented merely that she felt very proud of this country and all those patient voters. I feel outraged that anyone should have to wait that long. I feel this constitutes voter obstruction. It certainly would seem to make it hard for the elderly and disabled to cast their vote. In the case of Kenyon College, located in a mostly republican district, people knew voter turnout was going to be huge. Yet they only had 2 booths available. WHY??

9:36 AM  

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