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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Voting Problems and Machine Error

3:07 PM

Voting Booth

Voting Problems

4,500 votes lost in North Carolina, are irretrievable.

3,893 votes in Ohio go to Bush that should have gone to Kerry.

A nice summary of the voting mess so far. Why did the exit votes vary so dramatically?

1,100 problems with electronic voting machines.

The scanned votes were hacked?

Ralph Nader demands New Hampsire recount due to odd behavior.

A great site on Election Fraud in the 2004 election (nonpartisan).


Fun article on Nader telling Kerry how to defeat Bush on a silver platter. Nader really believes that the Democratic party should take on the Green party's platform, and it should.

P.S. The "search" is now working (yay, we got onto google!).


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