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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Desperate Dick and Bungling Bush

3:43 PM

Dick Cheney and George BushSo the Smarmy Boys are back to their under-handed tactics trying to win the fight by hitting below the belt. For sure they lack the spines and dignity of real men that's because they are...say it with me now...girlie men.

Check out this lame tactic pulled by the Bush-Cheney juggernaut yesterday [it's an amazing article and worth a read. And be sure to check out the linked article within regarding the Al Qaeda camp we chose not to bomb in North Iraq. - Misha]

If you're into travel writing with a twist here's an online blog from a correspondent in Afghanistan talking about life in living color. Better than all that warm and fuzzy bull coming out of the boy king's mouth and Ol' Bloodhound Kerry's wrinkles.

So there were Hans Blix, David Kay, several very snooty sounding English scientists, the Russians (who have no economy but they still have damn good human intelligence!), several hundred books, reports and other such media, but still, Cheney, rather than flip-flop, insists that the lack of WMD's was actually JUSTIFICATION for going to war!! Hunh?!!? How'd he do that? Wasn't the whole deal WMD-WMD-WMD all day every day for three months and now...oh just read the article.

And here's one you won't see Asscraft (sic) and the Justice Department talk about too loudly: the doomed 'case' against the Detroit chaps who were apparently a 'sleeper' cell. This is an amazing article detailing the complicity of JD officials and some sleazy lawyer.

And that's about all for today folks.


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