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Friday, August 19, 2005

US Kills 9,200 Civilians, 27 Dead Detainees, What is Al Qaeda?

1:25 PM came out with a study on all the civilian deaths in Iraq in the past two years:

  • 24,865 civilians were reported killed in the first two years of the Iraq War
  • US-led forces killed 9,270 civilians
  • Anti-occupation forces/insurgents killed 2,353 civilians
  • The Iraqi Ministry of Health (MoH) reports that terrorist action by anti-occupation forces accounts for only 318 civilian deaths
  • Criminal violence caused 8,935 civilian deaths
  • 21,171 of the 42,500 civilian injuries were caused by US-led forces
  • 3,488 injuries were caused by (according to the MoH) terrorist attacks

These really put things in perspective. We are attempting to stop deaths of civilians and have caused 9,270 of them. The terrorists in Iraq, conversely have only caused 318 civilian deaths. What a bunch of hype. We are led to believe the terrorists really are the cause of the brunt of the damage in Iraq. They are not. Not to mention that the US-led forces have also killed many thousands of Iraqi soldiers and anti-occupation forces. does not keep track of these deaths. Neither does the US government, at least publicly.

What is Al Qaeda?

This article discusses what Al Qaeda is really (requires free subscription). Is it a shadowy, hyped enemy or a real organization?

US Torture of Enemy Combatants

The US has killed 27 detainees in the last two years. Did you know that? At least 16 of the deaths are due to murder or negligent homicide. Another 4 deaths are in the trial stage with charges of murder.

A military translator says the systemic, purposely loose interrogation techniques in Guantanamo are the cause of confusion and mistreatment of prisoners, in this interview.


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