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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Culture of Lies

11:00 AM

It's almost hilarious how quickly the staunch conservatives in Congress, the Senate, and even in grassroots organizations will jump on the "culture of life" wagon. I won't discuss the recent events that, in my opinion, showed a blatant disregard for the judicial process in this country, but I did find it ironic that a government led by a man who executed more prisoners than any other Texas governor and who started a war based on perforated proofs is so serious about legislating life for one person.

I'm not surprised though. Over the last few weeks I've watched developments in South Asia, especially Pakistan and Nepal, and noticed that the US and Britain specialize in an overtly ambiguous stance when it comes to matters of substance. For example, as a reward for "services rendered," the United States offered Pakistan (the only known exporter of nuclear technology to "Axis of Evil" states) F-16 warplanes to balance its air force capability. That this move would stimulate an arms race seems to be of secondary importance to the US who promptly responded to neighbouring India's concerns with an offer of advanced F-18 warplanes to that nation. As evidenced in this Asia Times article, the move had more to do with economics than the desire to increase regional stability—something that should be a crucial concern in the region. Apparently the culture of life does not take into consideration the lives of innocent civilians or the potential that weapons have for damaging life....


While the Bush Administration tries to save face after the embarrassing response to the Social Security overhaul, and in between plugs for the Christian right, GWB and gang seem to have forgotten the issue of security. In addition, various issues about the war, to which the public should have access, remain largely under-reported by the Commander in Chief. Yet, the Democratic party is still sitting on its hands trying to figure out how to be a force once again. Here are two Alternet articles (here's the second) discussing how the Dems can make a fight of this for to our benefit.


Remember the 2000 election? Remember Katherine Harris who insisted she didn't have a partisan particle in her body? Remember how she managed to hijack the issue and punt it to the Supreme Court? Ever wonder how she's doing?


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What issues about the ware are underreported?

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