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Friday, April 15, 2005

Fighting Mad

11:06 AM

The silence was necessary. I've been sputtering mad, marinating in my own malice, and I didn't think it was fair to vent those personal grievances—given their vitriolic nature—on the rest of the world. This morning, after I read this article in the New York Times, I decided to let that restraint go. The article details Bill Frist's participation in a Christian coalition telecast that will seek to create public support to coerce the judiciary to do what the fascists in Congress want them to.

Following on from the Schiavo debacle (where over 80% of Americans supported the judicial decision), megalomaniacs like Frist and Delay (the righteous bug-zapper who needs to take the camel out of his own eye, to quote the Bible) are on the war path, trying to strong-arm legislation by brainwashing the Christian right. As you will see in the article, evangelist leader Dobson, the man who put Bush in the Oval office this time around, is part of this effort. He is aiming to make out Democrats and other people who think, rather than accept, to be the aggressors.

None of that surprises me. Delay, Frist, and Hastert are a new breed of dumbasses, to put it crudely. They confuse opinion with ethics and ignore reality in order to perpetuate their delusions of grandeur. In doing so they have taken the union of state and religion to a whole new level. And, of course, the pious President won't say a thing.

I keep asking myself how we got to this stage in human history—again—where a minority can get so far up their own you-know-what that they can actually end up doing exactly what they purport to stand against. Hypocrisy stains the speech of every evangelist and right-wing Christian supporter. How did we get to the point where people can think more about being right than living right?

As this egomaniacal juggernaut trundles along, the real problems in the world continue to mount—from wars in Africa to third world poverty. But instead of doing the really Christian thing and focusing their efforts on such issues, this handful of pond scum insists on trying to overturn a majority opinion on a judicial and public level. Where do they manufacture these androids so full of their own piety that they have no room left for the truth of their religion?


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