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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Petitions Petitions!

6:34 PM

  1. Vice President Cheney has threatened to declare that the right to filibuster judicial nominees is null and void. If Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist can get 50 senators to support the ruling, the filibuster is history.

    Request that all our senators vote agasint this no filibuster policy and not back the 20 judicial nominees that were denied last term by filibuster:
  2. The Bush administration is proposing to open over 90 percent of Wyoming's spectacular Great Divide wildlands to large-scale oil and gas drilling. Send a message telling the Bureau of Land Management that you oppose its destructive plan to industrialize some of America's greatest natural and cultural treasures.
  3. Let George Bush know that you know his program to save Social Security is not effective and, in fact, would shorten the life of Social Security by creating more debt (2 trillion).
  4. The 2006 federal budget that President Bush has proposed, calls for crippling cuts in programs that support education, children, and the poor. All this while Bush seeks to make permanent the dramatic tax breaks for wealthy Americans. Let him know you don't support it.


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