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Friday, March 04, 2005

Reality Check

11:37 AM

Martha Stewart Entertainment vs. AIDSIt shouldn't come as a surprise and yet it still irritates me. The major headlines of most daily publications are dedicated to the fastidious felon known as Martha Stewart. From what she ate in prison, to what her fellow inmates thought, coverage gets into the minutiae of her incarceration. How splendid. Apparently the major issues of the day, like this article which states that estimates (conservative) put the number of deaths in Africa due to AIDS at 80 million per year, are not as important to know.

Of course, I'm just being a killjoy, because, what good does it do to think about the inevitable when we can concentrate on the entertaining? Apparently, the events of the last five years have had little effect on the American conscience as no major initiatives to get the administration to re-direct some of it's war funds to AIDS in Africa seem to be getting anywhere.

In other pointless news: A debate is apparently "raging" on the subject of whether Rice will be the Republican candidate for the presidency in 2008 and how this will affect Hillary. The fact that Rice is being considered despite having dropped the ball on a memo called "Bin Laden Seeking to Attack America" [Misha's Note: Containing an allusion to using an airplane], is pretty damn sad. You can read the article on Hillary here, and the article on Rice here.

Happy Friday....


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