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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Round Two

3:05 PM

Boxing KidsFall has scurried into Chicago and it's not that bad, I have to admit. I could use a couple more 70-degree days but there are a number of things I could use this morning.

One of them is less b.s. from Thabo Mbeki, South Africa's Premier regarding Rape and the AIDS crisis in Africa. Ignorant world leaders are never excusable....

And here is a scathing column from a rape-activist in South Africa.

While the Coalition of the willing is putting out fires in Iraq, Tehran shared some 'exciting' news with the rest of us....

So, in fact, the Bushies, while hoping to 'make the world a safer place blah blah blah,' have actually managed to screw it up royally. By the time Iraq is safe and stable Iran will be engaging in a full fledged arms race with Israel. Yum....

Rejoice! Hallelujah! Harmid Karzai the president of Afghanistan FINALLY left KABUL for the first time in like THREE YEARS.... Shows you what a politician will do for votes...he attended a rally....

And now...Paul Bremer (remember him?) is speaking out against inadequate troop deployment in Iraq and the general mismanagement of the occupation. Considering this comes from a man on the ground if I were Kerry I would latch on to this like a starvingĀ flea on a fat poodle's butt.

And I'm sure by tomorrow we'll all be sick of the veep-debates, but here's a decent enough synopisis of where things stand from the NYT.

I for one shall sit this one outĀ and read all about it tomorrow. I just hope Edwards doesn't come across tooooo smooth and airhead-like compared to Dick's bad mood. Then again, next to Cheney, even Castro seems chirpy.

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